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Kanata Means Wings 2013- Present, Ottawa (pdf)


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Contracting Services

Bid Closing Date 04/19/2019 

Canadian Intellectual Property Registry

File 1637224 Kanata Means Wings

Canadian Intellectual Property Registry

File 1645518

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Job Opportunities

1- In House Councils

1- Collaboration  and E-marketer

2-Retailer Subsidy

3- T.V Cameraman

4- Starter Assistant

647-986-5222 Contact

Contracting Services

USA File approved- Trademark Services Validation.

Kindly note that for the moment your trademark is still valid and there is no necessity to proceed with a renewal request.
Both Trademarks are valid for 10 years until June 16 2025, and every fifth year you must present a declaration of use. 
This means that in between June 16 2019 and June 16 2020 we will have to present an advertising document (OR screenshot of your website for example) that describes the services that you offer and shows the name of your trademarks.

We will contact you when it is necessary to proceed.



Actions  date Response date Comments

Original Filed 2013-09-30 


Created2013-09-30Formalized2013-10-01Search Recorded2014-06-12Examiner's First Report2014-06-122014-12-12Correspondence Created2014-10-102014-12-12PartialExtension of Time2015-01-302015-06-12Request Letter Date: 2014/12/12Default Notice Sent2015-06-302015-08-30Remove Default2015-08-13Default Notice Sent2015-08-132015-10-13Defaulting Action Date: 2015/06/30Remove Default2015-08-13Correspondence Created2015-08-132016-02-13Correspondence Created2015-11-122016-02-13partialCorrespondence Created2016-04-222016-10-22Correspondence Created2016-06-232016-10-22partialExtension of Time2016-07-142017-04-22Request Letter Date: 2016/05/12Correspondence Created2017-02-06Correspondence Created2017-06-082017-12-08Extension of Time2018-02-202018-06-08Request Letter Date: 2017/11/27Extension of Time Refused2018-06-202018-08-20Request Letter Date: 2018/06/04Remove Default2018-08-23

Extension of Time 2018-08-23--2019-02-20

Request Letter Date: 2018/07/11

Pending Examiner- Should auto prove based on USA rights.

Kelly Brady