Your Good Deeds will make you forever Hz. Pir


Breaking Perception

Her Journal on Human & Multiculturalism

Her Journal on Human & Multiculturalism

Dedicated To The Tracks On My Back, By Deus

The written of halo picked very earthly.

White, I tripped to the past of history.

I told them, be proud!

Don't hide world, that I come 

from a chocolate family tree.

The problem started off way too feathery.

Wolf, I had to be!

The crisis of prehistory,

was the mark of the claws, by the skies on to me.

Illuminati, by the hand of chosen, Mona Lisa 

 theory was my discovery.

You see,

The Crosses of The Holy-lands made them go nuts on me.

I took out my gun, and told them politely, Oka, now leave.

I screwed up many academics, 

but that was the key.

Progress done so painfully.


My children are the clue!

Boa (Timur) and Kar (Cemil) were born shamanically.

Heritage is the very multi in me?

I made the colours of earth 

beautiful for all to see!


1-2-3,  1-2-3 

Proud monkey I be.

Proud monkey I be.

Year 1983


Her Notes

Why is this black family, so Red? May I ask you something?


Officer NO! ...Funny Look!

6'3 Zulu did not kidnap me, that's my boyfriend. 

We love each other.



Her Journal on Human & Multiculturalism

Her Journal on Human & Multiculturalism

Her Journal on Human & Multiculturalism

Pushing progress through Digital Art.

How you laughed, that the Hood she try to flee!

What was the problem?

Your  Olivia is not my daughter, nor me!


Look at the  Skies

and Ottoman History

 Very Caucasian was not the key, divinely!

We represent Sapient ancestry, as the first Humanal family.

You blocked and jail Civil 

with your princess - to-be.

Ottoman hundreds of years old.

O' The beauty in these Gypsies, 

as they helped to steal from me, and humanity.

What a screw up, linked to a consular home

I protect the poor.

Lost respect for the dangerous animal tag in me.

Legal just somewhat saved me.

Proud monkey you be!

Proud monkey you be!

3-2-1.   3-2-1

Year 2010


 Years Later: She is no where near as interesting,  as her  recorded migratory DNA is. She changed the course of Human Evolution with her Animal to Hominid Journal.

Written so insanely at the height of her injury. 

Madison Media Group

Our editing house is tiny yet still very active.

Due to injury.

Today you will only FEEL the wings that wrap earth, 

And In Pushing Progressive Change



Canadian History

Her Journal on Human & Multiculturalism

Canadian History

Unesco, and what is Linguistic Anthropology? (Journal # 26)

The Biggest Heist.

A Stinger of a Botched Robbery

I Stole Back my Apple, From the "Big Bee".

You see it started out with  hu hu hu river. 

and many many of thee.

Naughty I may be but honestly, 

I told them we are now all family.

Understand why,

I represent the highest Doctrine of 

Human Rights you see?

Morality was the Omen that

hit me.

This belongs to Canada, 

politics can you please let me be. 

Stay calm  for them I can write another A-B-C

Chi wee Chi wee

 look carefully

do you now see the 

Native in me?  

d /dx < x, a f(t) dt= Biggest Binary X

Year 2017

The Converted Protective Zone


Her Notes

Write The Modern Genesis

(Journal # 67)