The Irregular Story of This Earth: Nicknamed Hanna The Indian

Villager I kiss both your hands, ILKIN May your journey be open and blessed. If I don't come back promise me you push our children to progress. We only trust you, Thank you. 

This Protection I Place Down, Medicine I Need, Heavily Wounded I am. Such Evil! Their Lethal forewarning, Split Me In Two. Partly Became Healed, only from the brew of My Anger. 

                 Smile, For "Human Just Made Way"...

Woman, Blood and God, I lay under our Leylek's, I forever do.

              Her Name at Birth: Yildiz  Hatice Ilkin

Name Translated: Star / Shamanic Origins / First to Land




Dear World,

When journals were leaked there was so much 


          Cross-country politics in the background;


          Corporate Laundering; 


          Legal Obstruction;

          Serious Abuse;

          Ill Medical Doctors

          Criminal Bribes

          Absolutely Mental, I mean nuts, Media People;  

          Sophisticated Clones;

          Fanaticism and Church Clash

          Death and injury, including Canadian Enforcement;

          Years eaten away; and 

          The sacrifices of so many civilians -etc.

 In the making of all this production.  

Year 2011 The Biggest Question For Our Academics At The Time Was:

                                            Is The Story of 1998 True?   

For the Safety of me and my team, Please don't talk about it online, Just Support Everyone!


 Cuba Documentary, Moving Forward:

The Following Section is a small Part of a Real Series of Events:  Room 708, Prison Day 2503. Year 2010.

Hanna said - For everyday I am sealed I scar myself. Do other people really think they can produce like 

me? The Reason: The Genes Of God I carry.

This is for the years of blessed aide to the struggling and poor, and when conceived in Ararat? I go 

perfectly both ways on the global map. 

                      Like our forefathers, cover the Sun with Clay and my rays will still peep through.

Your way “White Thought”, should not be the rule in present day with so much advancement for bettering lives. 

The Pain...

                               Spewing water and  curse words. Now The Threat:

        "Be careful and I dont  care who you are. 

                                  Like in Ottoman  times with the Sultan’s stamp, one day the world 

               will humanely put all of you down, in the name of honour, respect and being human".

Another Surgery, Lord did I survive?






In The South Of The Canadian Tundra

Barefooted like our territorial animal forefathers, beat them with sticks out of our zone, better yet out Kanada. 

Loyal to the civility of the Brits, somewhat we are. 

                                                                                                         WHITE TAIL

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Land and Native Study




 Limited Access Granted- The True Story: of  Exemplary vs. Evil

A Womb Locked In- Year 1999 -2018  INTEL-

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Dedicated to the heritage crossing 

of our Asiatic Natives.

Photo is of the Real Hanna, An Alashan Band Female-Heritage

 Dressed in Their Gear-Who Were Predominantly part of the Territory of Northern  Gansu / up-to Russia Region. 

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