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** Caution This Webpage Has Some Vulgarity

Part of BLUE BOOK #48 / 70

Based Off The True Story...

Of An Irregular, Nicknamed Hanna The Indian. 

A female that looked like female Christ in many hidden black and white pictures. Confused don't be start with Evolving Tab above, year 1977.

Russia's Tatars Said:

Ilk-Han (Their version of her last name), You have made it! Yes, let's drink to the skies, for existence of human has, connected all of us.

Protection I place down, medicine I need, heavily wounded I am.

I saw a fawn dead under the State's ice water.

Such evil! Their lethal forewarning, split me In two. Partly became healed, only from the brew of my anger. 

Smile, For "Life Just Made Way"...I promise Russia, the Red Streams.

Woman, blood and the land, I lay under your Kanate, I forever do.



      Her Name at Birth Yildiz Hatice Ilkin

Her Name Translation 

     Star / Shamanic Origins / First to Land'

  *Tatar  (Originating from Altaic Turkic division of languages)          

The 70 Chronicles

Animal to Hominid Journal # 7


You are now transferred over to the Military, Four years -

 Every single day worse than Chinese forehead water drip torture- 

Hours repeating in one’s head.

You are strong

I am strong

You do not believe in Fairies, Ghosts or whatever the hell you saw

I do not believe in Fairies, Ghosts and Satan haunting me.

We wrote this together  

half smile,

we wrote this together.

Its for your safety don't be a baby...continue

You did not change global religion

I did not change global religion

You are a Jew

Everyone’s a Jew remember!

All humans are related my clan journal.

With a deadly attitude,

She blurts out 

you know you censored me from Howard from Lecturing.


I am a Jew – 

( Please Make it )

At least can I be a Muslim or a Christian Jew – 

they are calmer

@#$% – 

ok, Giggling


I am a Jewel God

Say Grrrrrrrr

Grrrrrrrrr say it better 


You are white and fluffy

I am huh? 


I am white and fluffy

You are a killer

I am a killer….

A Savage

I am a Savage

You are the DEVIL

I am ....the Devil….???

Dont laugh

You will understand why when you open this to the public. At least I warned you. Continue.

I will kill you, yes I am the Devil ?                                                                                      Day 2677


A Blue Series Poem -  Alpha Quadrant 


Then the others....  Age 10  Put Hanna with the poorest of  blacks, a mix in for her only Safety. 


The Attack of Lethal: Cluster-3 or C-3


How Naive are humans.? Part of her collection in documents. In these cluster of Wars some hidden, to  present date, there was so much

  • Cross country politics;

  • Sadness and Tears;

  • Bloodshed;

  • Terrorism;

  • Fear and Corruption;

  • Racism;

  • 1001 Clones;

  • Death including Law Enforcement;

  • Injury to Civilian;


  • Absolutely nuts ... I mean absolutely.... The Devil's media people;

  • Theft and Fraud;

  • Corporate Money Laundering;

  • Made ill and locked in medical doctors (aka caged Wolves);

  • Torture; 

  • Attempts for Ideas & Remedy, Wikileaks # 1 ;

  • Destruction of Worship;

  • Enviro Land and airborne damages;

  • Migrant killing;

  • Genetic Testing;

  • The parties of cover, with her work;

  • Suicides and the Largest Gay Revolt;

  • Private Meetings .

In the back and forth battles, I heard my childhood friend/ soldier who became deceased has his name now on our $10 bill for humour as a converted female. 

Oh how the rich can sink countries. and how they hated Hanna and her brother at the start.  




Barefooted like our territorial animal forefathers, beat them with sticks out of our zone, better yet out Kanada. 

Loyal to the civility of the Brits, somewhat we are.  She once said.


                                         WHITE TAIL                                                                                                                                        

Find out more

O' World



Exemplary Ethics vs. Evil

My brother my brother 

Starting with Busy New Years Eve Year 1999

Time Square NY- 11:59PM -  8 seconds too.

It's our secret only.


Dear Turkish Consulate,

This fax is to alert you.

Frame and Seal  Her!  



The Journal # 53- Day 1200

Land To Covert Ops Case Study




And God Made Her Humanal  

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