"Blue Feature of The Week, Country of Iran"

A True Story About A

 Female Nicknamed Hanna The Indian

Being Human & What if She Was Not Blessed 

By The Skies?  

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 Dear Journal,

The One Who Did Not Board The Plane Was The One Who Survived....


Blue Mountain Mist Book - IRAN SECTION

THE BATTLE OF SEVERAL FRONTS IN C-3 (Years 1980, 1998, -Present)


We have a serious problem

You blew our cover that is why we are mad as hell for not killing you. 

Now you have Switzerland on are backs....

We are the team of female assassins and are part of a Para-military elite squad that protects the richest. 

We make the Seals look like flippers. We are always only privately contracted out. 

Children/ woman, Pharmaceuticals, Bio engineering etc.

Some are designed even from birth partly robotically.

But it not all your fault Hanna we tagged you under your foot for protection years ago, did you know that? 

Back then a very VERY expensive piece of device. 

Growing up we quietly monitored you. 

We laugh when you said ankle id.  

Over the years being very busy we somewhat blew you off a form of subconscious racial profiling because of your black upbringing. 

Over time, several countries Securities did not talk, then someone from the enemy side also tagged you and did not blow you off. 


Lausanne also occurred because ……….> 

All your interview, assessment notes about a strategic region and your Iraq study just screwed us.

 Your work is all over the place

Her Name at Birth Yildiz Hatice Ilkin

Her Name Translated 

Star / Shamanic Origins / First to Land

                             Other Nicknames Animalist (Vulture / Wolf)                                                                 


A Blue Series Poem - Hash-Assassin / Female Hashhasin






The Struggle (Blog Summary Section)

When The Second Info Leak Hit Countries Year 1998, There Was So Much: 


  •           Fear;

  •          Corruption;        

  •           Real Hidden Warfare;

  •           Cross-country politics; 

  •           Corporate Illegal Laundering; 

  •           Racism, 

  •           Legal Obstruction;

  •           Serious Abuse;

  •           Made Ill Medical Doctors;

  •           Criminal Bribes;

  •           Absolutely Mental, I mean absolutely nuts, Media People;  

  •          Sophisticated Clones;

  •           Fanaticism, terrorism and Worship elimination or destruction;

  •           Death and injury, including Canadian Enforcement;

  •           Years eaten away; and 

  •           The sacrifices of so many civilians -etc.


Year 2011 The Biggest Question For Our Academics, At The Time Was:

                                            Securities Is This Story of 1998 True ...? No Answer.

                                                                  Who owns all of this? No Answer, 


Madison Group Please don't talk about this online,  


                                        No judgements Support Everyone.

This is also for the Safety of the team. The mega win, if you see this we are 

broadcasting the actual version. 


                                 Adamantly against the will of those with the hardest of Beliefs.





Hanna Be Strong, Surgery by a Nurse, Dear Skies am I still living? 


                      .                 ........ Chosen The Wind Whispered,


Help a wounded snake and you will understand the limitations of kindness, 





And Another - In The South Of The Canadian Tundra

Barefooted like our territorial animal forefathers, beat them with sticks out of our zone, better yet out Kanada. 

Loyal to the civility of the Brits, somewhat we are.  WHITE TAIL                                                                                                                                        

Find out more



The Evolve Generation

Seal This and Frame Her!   

And Another

Exemplary Ethics vs. Evil

My brother my brother 

Starting with Busy New Years Eve Year 1999

Time Square NY- 11:59PM -  8 seconds too.

The years spent in pain while the masses danced.  



The Battles of C3

The Journal # 53- Day 1200

Land To Covert Ops Case Study




A Humanal  

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